THIS WEEK ON THE 4:30 MOVIE, IT'S "WESTERN WEEK." Get ready to Go West, partner, as our 4:30 Movie cowboys curate a fantastic fantasy theme week of Western Movies all week long. Join gunslinger MARK A. ALTMAN (The Librarians, Castle), rancher STEVE MELCHING (The Clone Wars, Big Guy & Rusty, The Boy Robot), mysterious stranger ASHLEY E. MILLER (Lore, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles) and cowpoke DAREN DOCHTERMAN (Westworld, Chronicles of Riddick) as they go west for an exciting week of movie classics.  430movie.com.

What Western Classic would you have liked to have seen on the 4:30 Movie? Share your picks with us at:

Twitter: @430moviepodcast

Facebook: facebook.com/430movie

Instagram: @inglorioustreksperts

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