THIS WEEK ON THE 4:30 MOVIE, it's "SURPRISE WEEK" as our hosts didn't know in advance what week they'd be picking and are completely surprised by the choice of weeks. How do they fare when they have to program an all-new theme week on the fly. Find out on all-new episode along with special guest quizmaster, ISAAC ALTMAN.

All your favorite 4:30 Movie hosts are back to be put to the test in this pop quiz  including MARK A. ALTMAN (showrunner, PANDORA, author, THE SECRETS OF THE FORCE, THE FIFTY-YEAR MISSION, THEY SHOULDN'T HAVE KILLED HIS DOG), STEVEN MELCHING (writer, MAGIC: THE GATHERING, THE CLONE WARS, REBELS), ASHLEY E. MILLER (showrunner; DOTA: DRAGON'S BLOOD; writer, THOR, X-MEN: FIRST CLASS) and DAREN R. DOCHTERMAN (concept designer; WESTWORLD, MASTER & COMMANDER).  

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***Mark A. Altman & Edward Gross's bestselling oral history of James Bond, NOBODY DOES IT BETTER, is now available in paperback from Tor/Forge as well as hardcover, digital and audio. And don't miss SECRETS OF THIS FORCE, the uncensored oral history of Star Wars, now out from St. Martin's Press in hardcover, digital and audio. Available now wherever you buy your books. And coming this summer, THEY SHOULDN'T HAVE KILLED HIS DOG: THE COMPLETE, UNCENSORED ASS-KICKING ORAL HISTORY OF JOHN WICK, GUN-FU AND THE NEW AGE OF ACTION.***


NOTE TO LISTENERS: Due to the pandemic, we are recording remotely via Zoom and not in the studio so the audio may not be up to our usual high standards. We trust you will nursemaid us through these difficulties. Stay safe, stay healthy, get vaccinated... and support cinemas everywhere!




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