THIS WEEK ON A 4:30 MOVIE BONUS EPISODE, IT'S A 4:30 MOVIE SPECIAL REPORT ON "THE DEATH OF MOVIES" and the lasting damage the pandemic will do to moviegoing in theaters. We also ponder whether streaming will supplant the experience of seeing films in theaters as we contemplate the future of the big screen experience with the recent announcement WONDER WOMAN 1984 will debut on HBO Max this Christmas. 

The 4:30 Movie podcast features hosts MARK A. ALTMAN (writer/producer, PANDORA, THE LIBRARIANS), STEVEN MELCHING (writer, THE CLONE WARS, REBELS), ASHLEY E. MILLER (writer; THOR, X-MEN: FIRST CLASS) and DAREN DOCHTERMAN (concept designer; WESTWORLD, MASTER & COMMANDER).  

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Mark Altman & Edward Gross's bestselling oral history of James Bond, NOBODY DOES IT BETTER, is now available in paperback from Tor Forge. 

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