It's "GUILTY PLEASURES" WEEK, THIS WEEK ON THE 4:30 MOVIE. If you've been enjoying the podcast, get ready for a whole new dimension in crazy as our expert programmers bring you the ultimate in guilty pleasures all week long. Discover movies you've never even heard of and others you can't believe anyone ever watched with the ultimate week of films that will make you feel very, very guilty indeed. Here come the judges; writer/producer MARK A. ALTMAN (The Librarians, Agent X), writer STEVEN MELCHING (Star Wars Rebels, Carmen Sandiego), writer/producer ASHLEY E. MILLER (Lore, Black Sails) and concept artist DAREN DOCHTERMAN (Westworld, Master & Commander). Guilty as charged! 430movie.com.

Also, don't miss THE 4:30 MOVIE LIVE @ WONDERCON in Anaheim this March and join MARK A. ALTMAN at #ECCC (Emerald City Comic-Con) for two special presentations on #StarTrek and #BSG40. Tickets on sale now. 


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