IT WAS 30 YEARS AGO TODAY. If you miss your favorite 4:30 Movie hosts while they're on hiatus, have no fear because here's a special all-new 4:30 MOVIE theme week LIVE FROM COMIC-CON (unless you were there, in which case it's not new).

Join MARK A. ALTMAN (creator, CW's Pandora), ASHLEY E. MILLER (writer/producer; Lore, Black Sails), STEVEN MELCHING (writer, The Clone Wars, Star Wars: Rebels) and DAREN DOCHTERMAN (concept artist; Riddick, Westworld) as they look back at the 30th anniversary of the films of 1989 live at San Diego Comic-Con.

And don't worry 4:30 MOVIE fans, we'll be back with all-new episdoes THIS FALL wherever you listen to podcasts.

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